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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Maintenence updates

Theres the addition of Russian translations for SimpleClear and SimpleTabOrder.
Thanks to user cvvaroo for providing the translations.

Theres also a fixes to correct the support/feedback links in the about pages of all Simple extensions.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A quick maintenance release.

First a big thank you to user Ehsan Kia as he provided the code used in this release.

Ehsan had the problem where SimpleUndoClose stopped working after months and he had a large value set for saved tabs. He found out that theres a lot of orphaned closed tab entries clogging up the localstorage tripping the quota and triggering a limit.

The fix is to clean out any orphaned closed tab entries every time Chrome starts.
This could be the fix for all users who set large values set for saved tabs.

Monday, March 7, 2016

SimpleUndoClose & SimpleUndoRecents

Another thing I missed as I don't use a Mac.

User mua z commented on the options not saving on the Mac and provided the console error. Turns out it another fragment of the old custom hotkey code which I didn't remove. Removed it and the options should save again.

Friday, March 4, 2016

SimpleUndoClose & SimpleUndoRecents

Another maintenance update.

Triggered by the need to fix the badge that was not updated when the tab list is cleared. Apparently the method didn't address the scenario where the tab list is empty, added it in and its fixed. (Or perhaps I removed that in a previous update.) Anyway thanks to XEOxXTH for first reporting it.

Somehow fixing that bug got me to tinker with the double click code too. Messed around it for one night but my methods gave inconsistent results. So I went to Google and found a nice double click listener. Its consistent BUT as my extensions use the event page they get unloaded from memory after some idle time SO usually the first double click try won't work but it will wake up the background page and it will work on the next try (activate wait as bit then double click).

Ok, the both the new and old double click code don't work on Opera 35. Perhaps Opera changed the Chromium code?

I could make the extension stay in memory all the time Chrome is running but I don't want that. But that stands in the way of a perfect double click function :P (On the other hand if I make it persistent then maybe there will be people that will complain.)

Also I should have fixed the "phantom" next page problem in SimpleUndoRecents.