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Saturday, April 28, 2018

SimpleExtManager 1.4.8

Finally got down one of the requested functions.
The ability to collapse groups.

Its just a basic implementation. Things I'm looking to do for the next update is to add a way to expand/collapse all groups and retire the simple groups view.

I see the support section, overflowing with requests.
I'm just one person with things I need and want to do.
Things will move slow, new stuff will come eventually.

Thanks for using my extensions :)

Note: Opera is slow on the moderation recently it seems.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

History Limiter Custom 1.2

Been a long time, haven't been looking at my extensions.
Anyway here is an update of History Limiter Custom.

Mainly its to fix the premature history clear while editing the text field, reported by user Austin Bowen last September.

I employed the simple fix of going back to using a button to manually set in the number of days. Thought of using a timer but other things factor in, lots of what ifs and I don't want things to get too complex.

Also drifted off to tinker the UI a bit.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SimpleUndoClose 1.3.10 & SimpleTabOrder 0.5.12

Some translation updates!

For SimpleUndoClose its an updated traditional Chinese translation by user 2htw. Also did some edits to the Chinese translations, the meaning is wrong in the Credits section probably due to my reliance on Google Translate and overlooking the result.

For SimpleTabOrder its an updated Russian translation by user cvvar00.

Friday, January 19, 2018

SimpleUndoClose 1.3.9

First update of 2018!
A bug fix release.

Recently I notice if I delete an entry and leave the cursor on the delete button for a while the long press UI change will come in. It only happens on the default style. Its fixed.

Then if the long press delay text field is empty in options, clicking an entry will immediately bring in the long press UI change. Added code to check for that to fix it.