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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Bookmarks by the Side 2.1.5

Another bug fix release to fix one that yesterday's update introduced. Thanks to chelios911 for reporting it.
Scaling/zoom is back.

cvvar00 spotted that the folder contents of an opened folder still shows when its dragged.
Got that fixed as well.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Bookmarks by the Side 2.1.4

Another bug fix release.
Thanks to user cvvar00 for this one.

He noticed that when calling out the sidebar with dark theme there would be a swift moment where the light theme is seen. He came up with the fix for this one, something that I won't think of.

Next is the sidebar won't scroll when you click-drag a bookmark to a folder further up or down the list. Looks like the scrollByLines() method is depreciated, switched to the scrollBy() method.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Search bar clear button

A minor version up to SimpleUndoClose, SimpleUndoRecents, SimpleExtManager and Bookmarks by the Side.

Its mainly the addition of a clear button on the search bar. When you type something a "X" will appear at the right end of the bar. Pressing it will clear what you typed.

Came by suggestion by user cvvaroo.
I think someone requested it too.
Also updated Russian translation of SimpleUndoRecents, contributed by cvvaroo too.

Bookmarks by the Side already had it implemented, this update just improve the style of it  for dark mode.

SimpleUndoClose and SimpleUndoRecents also include HTML escaping for page titles to prevent XSS attack as reported by user 杀生丸子.

Applied 3 digit simplified version numbering too.

Friday, September 1, 2017

SimpleExtManager 1.4.6

A bug fix release.
This one is reported by user Travis McAlister.

Apparently the fix for the zoom bug implemented in back in 1.4.4 is behaving differently on systems with high resolution retina monitors. We had a bit of back and forth correspondence and found that out.

Anyway the bug is fixed and the update will be up soon.