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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Updates x2

Updates to SimpleUndoClose & SimpleExtManager!
A few new functions added!

For SimpleUndoClose is the custom undo hotkey function.
If you don't like Ctrl+Z, you can now choose a different combination!
Actually this function came out as a workaround for Marcin Adam who reported a problem with polish character “ż”, read more here if you're interested ;)
NOTE: I noticed that maybe for some users on update the custom hotkey defaults to Ctrl+0, just change to back to Ctrl+Z or any combination you want. Nothing major.

For SimpleExtManager there is a new search function, a disable all extensions function and a category count.
The search basic functions like the one in SimpleUndoClose, added as suggested by Ryota.
The disable all extensions button, as it says only disables the extensions and leaves the apps and themes alone. Also made sure the current enabled extensions are saved so the user can revert to the same state. Jordi mentioned this in his review post, took me some time to get down to implement it.
As for the category count, I thought it would be nice to see how many extensions you have.

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