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Saturday, August 31, 2013

SimpleExtManager update!

Its mostly the implementation suggestions of in this 1.2 update.

First from Kristijan Ristovski is the link to the Chrome Web Store.
The link appears at the bottom of the popup and can be enabled/disabled from the options.

Next from Jim Hubbard a way to copy an extension group.
A new button is added in the edit group dialog, you enter a different name then click on that button to save the edited group as a new group.

Finally from Gideon Sassoon asking to highlight extensions already in groups.
Now when you create or edit groups there will be a 'grouped' tag to highlight the extensions already in groups, hover and you can see in its tooltip what groups it is in.
Another one of his suggestion I'll leave it to the next update.

Also theres other fixes:
- fixed clicking on the icon of extensions with no website will bring up a new tab with the popup there
- fixed the awkward alignment at the extension groups options

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