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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Updates x3

Ok finally got round to do some extensions dev.
A quick rundown on some of the highlights:

  • Added the Cmd-key (Mac only) in hotkey options as suggested by a user
  • Added an individual delete button for each closed tab entry
  • Fixed a few things (keyboard bav, double-click etc)
  • Further simplify no closed tab text and added more space between entries
  • Added option to import/export extension groups as suggested by Allen Zha
  • Added permission display in tooltips
  • Added a popup to see all groups and whats in them (also to help id those uninstalled extensions on group import)
  • Added option to launch apps via the popup as suggested by Dante X
  • Corrected feedback link
  • Fixed keyboard nav
  • Hopefully (as have none to test on) the icon looks better on retina displays as requested by Shuang-Yin Wang  
  • Took the changelog out of translations as its a pain to maintain :P

Just a quick post up, for full list check the changelogs.

I see quite a few wanting more from the groups in SimpleExtManager, I will try to do something about it for a future release. (I don't use groups though, for what I've built I only use the simplest functions :P)

Thats all for now :)


  1. How did you do the restoring?
    Double-click? Hotkey or normal via popup?

    I can't reproduce it on my side.

  2. Ok, I see (from the Web Store review) you have reinstalled and its working fine?

  3. Hmm, I tested on 2 PCs and both opened just that one selected tab.

    I opened a few tabs, closed them and clicked on one of the tabs in the middle of the list and only that one is restored.

  4. Now I can reporduce it!
    I'll get down to fix it.

    So you are the same person who left the review at the Web Store page? I'll credit the bug find to you :)