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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

SimpleExtManager 1.4

Pushing out an update for SimpleExtManager!
Some stuff I would like to highlight on this version:
  • Inline uninstall confirmation prompt
  • Advanced group view
  • Toggle extension state precedence over group state
Check out the changelog for the complete list of changes.
Click on to read more.

Inline uninstall confirmation prompt

Initially wanted it on the Chrome side as well but Google recently enforce (can't turn off built-in prompt anymore) Chrome's built-in uninstall confirmation prompt to appear at all times so adding my prompt becomes redundant. (Sorry Dante X the menu must close on uninstalling stuff for Chrome)

On Opera's side its the opposite as there is no uninstall confirmation prompt displayed regardless so making one becomes necessary.

Advanced group view

Theres a suggestion for sorting according to groups and heres my answer. Checking the option switches the simple group view in the popup to a more detailed group view which shows the groups and the extensions in the groups.

Though in my own use I've yet to create any groups :P
By the way should I retire the simple group view?

Toggle extension state precedence over group state

Extension state precedence has been the default behaviour for quite a while. With the advanced group view it confuses me so I decided to have an option to toggle it.
Perhaps an example is clearer, for extension state precedence:
  • 2 groups, each with 3 extensions of which 1 is common to both groups
  • As long as that 1 extension is enabled in one group it won't be disabled if the other group is disabled, more like it prevents the other group from being disabled
  • Unless the extension is manually disabled, the group containing it will be enabled
Check the new option to enable the above behaviour.

Leave it unchecked for the more straightforward group state precedence: disabling a group will disable all its member extensions but if the member is in more than one group it will also be disabled there.

By the way a faded checked checkbox shows that the group is enabled with some of its members disabled.
Currently the right click menu stays with group state precedence as theres no way to set an in-between state for the right click menu so it may be a little confusing.

Or should I remove extension state precedence?

Just realized that I forgot to change the date in the changelog!
Not going to do a .1 build just for that so I'll leave it for the next update.

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