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Saturday, October 11, 2014


An update triggered by two Opera users.

An anonymous user wanted a last 5 disabled extension popup section like the 'Recent' section. I kind of see the use as I sometimes forget what I disabled. The functionality has been added as the 'Recently Disabled' section. ('Recent' is renamed to 'New &  Updated'.

Terdale reported the bug where the alternate toolbar icon doesn't show on browser start. This is an old problem which kind of got complicated when I had Pushbullet running Chrome in the background. Somehow onStartup event wasn't working right with background apps running. Should be fixed now, at least its working for me.


  1. sorry but i don't like this new 'Recent' feature. this feature should be removed completely for privacy reasons. I don't want anybody else to see which extensions i disabled, added or removed recently.

    1. You can choose not to display them.
      The options are in the settings.

      You can password lock your computer too, if you want further privacy.

      Are there any embarrassing extensions?

    2. the new "recent" option is not working as expected.
      when I disable a extension I'm still see "Recent Disabled" section when this option is disabled (unchecked).
      please remove it completely !!!