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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bookmarks by the Side

EDIT: Bumped to
An update mainly featuring the Folder Filter!

Folder Filter: a fancy name for the most requested feature (with I also agree with) - the feature to hide folders! Not sure if I got the method right but I tested it on 2 machines and it works on them.

Other minor changes include:
- update depreciated methods
- pruning unneeded permission
- update and trimming translations

EDIT: Added date in tooltips thus bumping version up :)

The update will go up after the moderator finishes the review.


  1. Folder filter not works on Opera portable.

    1. Works fine here.
      I got my Opera Developer portable from ThinstallSoft.

    2. I checked again. The only folder I can hide is Bookmark bar (Stand-alone installation through Opera installer).
      But in clean stand-alone installation everything works fine. There is problem somewhere.

    3. Ok, I think I know the problem.
      Was betting that the folder id is the same for all installations, looks like it isn't.

      I'll work on a fix.