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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bookmarks by the Side

Bug fix release.

First, sorry about the missing bookmarks tree.
Added background page non-persistence yesterday so that the extension will exit memory when its not shown. Didn't notice theres still one line calling for it.

Anyway the issue is fixed in this update.
helsten2 and teoo, just wait a bit for the fix to be moderated the wait is over :)

(I don't answer in the addons store page's review and ratings section as I don't want to review my own extension as it feels like cheating.)


  1. It's OK now, thank you.
    You deserved 10 stars (although I think settings button is too big :) )

    1. Nice!
      Thanks :)

      Hmm..the settings button.
      Think I'll add in some choices for that, not that soon though.