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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


An Opera only update.

Seems like nights have become busy on installing Opera Developer 29. Mainly fixes the Opera detection code.

In Opera Dev 29, "window.navigator.vendor" which is used in the detection still gives "Google. Inc" which fails the Opera detection. The improved detection code uses an additional "window.navigator.userAgent".

Another thing added is that the extension icons are now links to the extension's Opera Addons page.

Have been trying out adding sidebar support, maybe I'll add that in soon.


  1. Another useful extension.
    One bug - there is no icon for Classic Images extension.

    1. Not really a bug to me as SimpleExtManager takes whatever icon that is set by the dev of that extension.

      In the case of Classic Images, the dev had set a blank png as the icon.

      Glad that you find SimpleExtManager useful :)

  2. "In the case of Classic Images, the dev had set a blank png as the icon."

    Are you sure, because there are icons in extension folder and in one another ext manager icon is present.
    One more thing, icons of extensions that are downloaded from chrome store links to opera 404 page not found, or is it Opera related issue, because in opera default ext manager these links not work, too.

    Waiting for sidebar version. :)

    1. I'm sure as I looked into the manifest.json and for the 16x16 icon it is set to a blank png. Then maybe I should take the biggest icon? I try to take the 16x16 icon to avoid lousy squashed looking resizes though.

      For the links, they are generated . Mainly catered for Opera store only but theres no code in place to take note of Chrome store installs as theres no offcial API on that.

      Sidebar version will have to wait, there is something but unstable already though.

      Just one man coding for free in his free time :P

  3. You are right, there is 16:16 blank.png in that folder, I replaced it with non blank icon and icon appears, so I made a fix for me :)