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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SimpleExtManager (Sidebar support Preview)

A peak at how SEM looks in a sidebar ;)

Scheduled to be added proper into the main SEM entry when Opera 29 goes stable. So ultimately there will be only 1 SEM entry in the Opera Addon Store in the end.

A lot of problems pop up when a popup becomes a sidebar like how the resizeable height and width messes with the layout and how updates have to become real time as a sidebar does not disappear after an action.

Tried to touch the main code as little as possible in order to maintain the same code for both Chrome and Opera builds.

I'll also like to thank the Opera moderators, dmichnowicz and for_d, for answering my questions pertaining to the publishing and visibility of sidebar extensions.


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    1. Thank you, you are listening users.
      Links to the Chrome Web Store pages are working fine, but there is regression for some extensions downloaded from Opera extension pages, some of them links to other pages, mainly github (Classic Images, Magic Actions for YouTube, PDF Viewer, Quick Find for Opera,Adblock Plus,Google™ Translator, Shuffle Extension Toolbar, The History Panel, YouTube Lyrics by Rob W).
      Sidebar is just awesome.
      Maybe I'm boring :) , here are some suggestions.
      You can add Update extensions button, improve look of bottom tabs (it's the only ugly part of SEM for me).
      And question, how many time extension stays in 'New & Updated' section?

    2. For the homepage links, the code now give priority to what the devs set as the homepage url in their manifest.json. Thats how I intended it to be since the first build on Chrome. Or it is more useful to let the link be strictly just to the store pages?

      Nope I'm not adding anymore buttons to the rows. I know there API to enable and disable extensions but theres no API to update extensions.

      The tabs are not nice!? I think they look good, simple and flat :)

      For the 'New & Updated' section, its basically a queue of 5 items. When something is installed or updated it goes to the top and dequeues the last item.

    3. "Or it is more useful to let the link be strictly just to the store pages?"
      Yes, because as it is now, Classisc Images (no)icon links to issues page, Magic Actions icon links to support page etc.
      Update button related, I thought it was possible to add one button for updating all extensions at once, not for every single extension.
      Anyway, good job.