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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Bookmarks by the Side 2.0.0

First a list of whats new:
  • ways to add bookmark and folder [hotly requested!]
  • full rewrite of tree building code [hope it speeds up a bit]
  • cosmetic changes [icons, paddings etc..]
  • bug fixes [show new bookmarks, fix close on bookmark click..]
  • 3 new translations [Arabic, German and Polish]
More details after the jump...

Add bookmark and folder

You can now add new bookmarks and folders via the buttons at the lower right corner or via the right-click menu. The add (and edit) dialogs now have a new field to select the save destination for the bookmark or folder.

In the save destination selection tree, click the arrowhead or folder icon or double-click the folder name to expand the folder. Single click the folder name to select.

NOTE: Opera does allow creating folder in folder for Speed Dials! Managed to implement measures to prevent that for English language users but not for the international users.

Full rewrite of tree building code

Changed the original code that uses innerHTML to use createElement instead. Thats what I used in SimpleExtManager and SimpleUndoClose. Its been said that createElement is faster so I hope it will help boost the speed of the tree construction.

Cosmetic changes

New folder icons that look similar to Opera's. Some tweaks in colors, shadows, border-radius etc. Have been changing things as I see fit :P

Bug fixes

Bug reported by users are fixed too. Like the one where changes to bookmarks is not reflected in the sidebar in real time and sidebar not closing despite unchecking the option to have it stay open.

Also made it that dismissing the edit/add dialog by clicking outside the dialog area not execute the "save" action.

And of course all the big edits created bugs which have to be fixed too.


Thanks to the translators who translated at!


Via coding I found some quirks with the bookmarks system:
  • "Speed Dial" and "Bin" (or "Trash") - Opera specially added these 2 but didn't provide a reliable way to get them. The 2 folders don't have a fixed id (at least between the Stable and Dev channels, don't have anymore sampes to study) so I cannot do an id match. If the user uses a different locale the 2 folders' names will be translated to that locale's so I cannot do a folder name match. Thus I shelved the the empty trash/bin function and full implementation of the Speed Dial folder in folder prevention mesures.
  • Search - Seems like the top-level or system folders cannot be returned in a search result. Wanted to show folders in search but shelved it as it will result in perpetual explaining like how people keep asking for a "hide button" function in SimpleExtManager which is impossible for now as the API doesn't allow it.

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