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Sunday, February 28, 2016

SimpleUndoClose & SimpleUndoRecents

Some bugs went past my sloppy testing, luckily I caught them fast enough :P

The breaking one was in SimpleUndoClose. 2 lines of residual code for the old hotkey method was still there causing an error that blocks the saving of preferences. Removed them and the Options page is working again.

How did I notice that?

Its from noticing that theres 4 events thats waking SimpleUndoRecents, all 4 to update the badge count. Since it uses the sessions API it seems sufficient to listen to just one event. So I removed the other 3. Then I saw that the method to update badge count is pretty involved and its called a few times so I make it that if the badge is hidden don't run the involved part. Then while testing I notice that the badge doesn't show/hide when checking/unchecking the option. Its caused by an if statement.

Then while testing the badge in SimpleUndoClose I found that the options page is not saving.

Then the rush to fix it and upload the .1 updates :P
Kind of a rush so I hope... XD

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