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Monday, April 24, 2017

SimpleUndoClose 1.3.6

Added something new to the settings page but also removed something.

New feature - entry delete button styles.
Removed feature - double click undo.

Double click undo have to go as I don't have a way to make it work predictably with event pages. Please use the custom undo hotkey instead.

The new entry delete button styles might be cosmetic to most users but it all started with an issure brought up by user Matthias Ernst. He had a problem where by deleting many entries with the cursor at the same position will trigger one of them instead of delete it. I couldn't reproduce the problem but got interested in the problem. After some testing I went with his suspicion and decoupled the delete part from the link part - that became the Classic style.

I still feel an attachment to the animated delete button so its still the default.
Theres someone who asked for an option to disable the delete buttons so I added the Delete-less style for that.

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