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Thursday, May 4, 2017

SimpleUndoClose 1.3.7

Another one for SimpleUndoClose!
A bump up on the third number.
A new feature which I won't use often :P
  • The new Checkbox Mode
  • Middle click behaviour
  • Minor cosmetic tweaks
Opera users will get this version late as I made a mistake and realized after I submitted, trying to get the mod to revert the submission. Also the Opera moderation team seem awfully quiet lately, holidays?

Checkbox Mode

Theres the user who talked about deleting stuff on deeper pages. Another user with a few suggestions including something about checkboxes. Was in the mood to code after fixing the delete button issue for another user recently so I went ahead and made the Checkbox Mode:
The Checkbox Mode is activated by long clicking (click & hold for 3 seconds) one of the closed tab entry. The entry text will slowly turn orange as you long click. The new items are in orange.

There the checkboxes at the right (no I won't be changing them to the left) to select tabs. And 4 buttons at the bottom:
  • Open - opens the checked entries 
  • New window - opens the checked entries in a new window
  • Delete - deletes the checked entries
  • X - cancel, to exit checkbox mode
The user is free to check item across different pages.
The short button text is for aesthetics, the description is in the tooltips as well. The long click duration can be changed in the settings. Not adding another button so as not to clutter the UI, only long click for Checkbox Mode.

Middle click behaviour

Wasn't sure since when that middle clicking an entry closed the popup. I remember it wasn't so in the past and I didn't notice until the feedback start appearing. I looked into the Chrome API and saw that they deprecated the selected property of chrome.tabs.create and replaced it with the active property, saying that active "does not affect whether the window is focused" so I thought this might be causing it as I don't remember changing the link creation and tab creation code for a long time.

It was the the recent fix for BBTS that made me revisit the middle click issue. I simply thought I could try doing the same thing here for SUC. And it worked. And its after I finished with Checkbox Mode...theres still the New window and Delete for that. It did break keyboard navigation but I applied a workaround for it.

Yes, you can now middle click multiple entries without the popup closing again. (Though there an option to make it close after middle click for those who want it.)

Minor cosmetic tweaks

The keyboard navigation look of the Classic style, I don't like it so I changed it. Also fixed the button width to fix the text for long translations as I need to do so for the new buttons as well. 

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