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Sunday, May 12, 2013

SimpleUndoClose update!

SimpleUndoClose hits v1.1!
Changes this time include: Addition of a feedback link, removal of the append tab option and addition of internationalization/multilanguage.

Initially the forked code puts the recovered tab at the position which it was at before it was closed, which I find no value in doing so. Therefore I removed the append tab option. The recovered tab now follows Chrome's default tab positioning which is at the very end at the right. If you want the recovered tab to appear beside the current active tab you can try using TabPlus to change the positioning or new tabs.

I see that internationalization is a requested feature so added it in this update.
Internationalization will be added to my other extensions soon.

Currently I've only done Simplified Chinese and Japanese.
Read on if you're interested to help translate it your locale :)

Help translate SimpleUndoClose 

Users who are interested in translating SimpleUndoClose can translate via

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