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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I surrender!!

Yes, I surrender.
The asynchronous API is too hard to implement.
The extensions will stay with localStorage so no syncing.

I was pretty confident when I wrote the last post.
Its after a week since I started on the conversion and its gone well, converted the background page, options page and quite a few. With the progress I decided to write the last post, I thought I can complete this game.

Shortly after writing that post I went on to convert the code displaying the popup.
Upon working the stuff in logic became incomprehensible magic with the asynchrony mixed in. Callbacks, fragments that seemed filled is that from the future but you can only grasp the present version.
And in short its the impossible last boss, at least at my scripting level.

Even if I succeeded I don't think I can maintain the code and continue to add features.

I surrender.
Took me 2 years before I finally tried it and got defeated by asynchronousity.
All my extensions will stay with localStorage.

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