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Saturday, May 31, 2014


An update for this simple extension manager!

Quite a few fixes of problems uncovered while playing with the code trying to switch to Not going into them in this post, for details check the changelog.

The update is not all fixes, theres a few new features too, implementing some of your suggestions.

The 'latest' section
A simple 'latest' section is added to the popup, it shows up to 5 recent new installs. It actually works like a queue of only 5 items. Install 1 when theres 5, the oldest one will be pushed off. If you uninstall one it will show 4, the one pushed off won't return.
The section only shows when there is at least one recent install. Of course you can choose to not show this section in the options.

Right-click menus
Right-click menus are now added to the extension rows and bottom tabs in the popup.
The menu for the extension rows show the "Options" and "Uninstall" options for those who want to achieve the ultimate minimal look without sacrificing function. This menu can be disabled in the options.
The 2 menus for the bottom tabs are a shortcut to chrome://extensions/ and SimpleExtManger's options respectively.

EDIT: A quick .1 update to remove the unused "storage" permission.
EDIT 2: This build had problems on Opera's side, fixed it and is submitted and now undergoing review. Hope it turns out fine this time.

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