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Friday, September 5, 2014

SimpleUndoRecents 0.9.4

My 7th extension! 6th in the Simple series. Undo closed tabs with tab history!!

There have been many user of SimpleUndoClose asking for undo closed tabs with tab history. I couldn't do it back then but the recent release of Chrome Stable 37 brings along the sessions API to the stable channel and that changed things.

Why another extension? Simply speaking, SimpleUndoClose requires more control over the tab entries displayed in the popup than the sessions API can give.

Another feature that the sessions API brings into SimpleUndoRecents is the ability to see closed tabs of other devices. This require the desktop or mobile device to have their Chrome browser logged in and tab sync enabled.

There will not be an Opera version yet as Opera doesn't support the sessions API yet.

A mini FAQ after the jump!

SimpleUndoRecents mini FAQ 

SimpleUndoRecents and SimpleUndoClose

1. What are the differences between SimpleUndoRecents and SimpleUndoClose?
Feature SimpleUndoRecents SimpleUndoClose
Undo closed tab
Undo closed tab, with tab history
Manually delete/clear close tabs from popup
Search closed tabs
Individual item delete button
Save 999999 closed tabs
View closed tabs from other devices

2. Why create another extension?
A: I don’t want to make SimpleUndoClose anymore complex so I chose to make a separate extension. Also because the sessions API allows very little control over the tab entries compared to the setup in SimpleUndoClose so there could be problems (e.g. Q6 at the bottom) if I mesh the 2 together.


1. Why can’t I delete/clear the displayed closed tabs?
A: Because currently the sessions API does not have any method to delete the entries.

2. Why can’t I set it to clear on browser close?
A: Same as above.

3. Why does my device disappear/not show up in the device list?
A: Make sure your other devices are signed in to the same Google account and make sure that tab sync is enabled on all devices. If all is set and the device does not appear then it may be the behaviour of the sessions API which is beyond SimpleUndoRecents control.

4. Why can’t I open the closed tab in background?
A: The method provided by the sessions API does not have a parameter for that.

5. Why can’t I save 999999 closed tabs?
A: The sessions API works with sessions which can be a tab of a window with many tabs (represented by a folder icon titled “[some number] tabs” in the “Recent tabs” menu). For the sessions API the maximum number of sessions requestable at one time is 25.

6. Why did my tabs suddenly disappear?
A: The sessions API takes the closed tabs from Chrome’s “Recent tabs” menu so if the tabs are cleared there SimpleUndoRecents will not get it. Storing the tab entries won’t be of use as the session could have been expired already. In short, when the tabs clear is strictly controlled by Chrome itself.

Known issue

Popup does not show previous tabs on fresh start of Chrome
  • Cause 1: No web pages in Chrome’s “Recent tabs” menu
    • Nothing can be done as theres no way to control expiry of sessions
  • Cause 2: A sessions API bug, see here
    • For me its fixed in Chrome Stable 37.0.2062.103, make sure no background apps (Pushbullet notifications mirroring etc.) is running in Chrome too

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