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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SimpleUndoRecents 0.9.5

This update adds the "Clear" functions to SimpleUndoRecents.
The "Clear" button in the popup and the function to clear the recent tabs list on next Chrome open.
A request by user Swapnil Sood.

At first I thought it cannot be done as the sessions API does not have any methods to clear sessions. But instincts got me to try clearing the browsing data, it worked. On experimenting further I narrowed it down to deleting the browsing history. Any small delete of the history will empty ALL of the recent tabs list. (Individual delete is not possible at the moment.)

So in order to get SimpleUndoRecents to trigger this delete the permission "browsingData" must be added. The clear trigger is a history delete for the past 1 millisecond so it should not delete any history at all.

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