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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


A release mainly to fix the wrong time displayed for tabs saved on browser close. Also packs some minor modification on looks.

The method used to record the browser close time is unreliable thus the "16331 days ago" problem, it would work if you have a background app like Pushbullet keeping the Chrome.exe running (Took me some time to realize as I have Pushbullet running). I've tested it and found that if theres only one Chrome window my code won't save the browser close time when that window closes.

I've reverted it back to the standard way for so the timing should look normal now. Thanks to Charles Wang who reported it.

For the looks department I've redesigned the per entry delete button, its now the full height of a list entry and 28 pixels wide. No need to jiggle your cursor anymore, just aim at the right end of a list entry. This one is for Steve Cauffiel.

Finally other minor modifications to dimensions and paddings of elements in the search bar row.

EDIT: Found some minor bugs, coming soon.

- post #50 :P

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