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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bookmarks by the Side 2.1

Lets start with a list of what's new:
  • Dark theme
  • Drag from address bar to bookmark
  • Option to show thinner scrollbar
  • Export bookmarks
  • Hide search bar
Thanks to user deus-exx's report for jump starting this update.
As usual the update will show up once the Opera mods approve it.

My stand on fixing bugs is only when I can reproduce it on my PC and only the current stable build of the browser is supported.

Drag from address bar to bookmark

You need to drag from the left end of the address bar. Click, hold and drag the lock icon. When you drag over the folders in the sidebar the folder titles will bold to indicate. Release at the folder of choice to show the confirmation dialog.

Export bookmarks

Exports the bookmarks to a HTML file which should be compatible with most browsers. The import part is left to how the browser does it. 

Tried doing the import part myself by was pretty burned out by it so I decided to release this as it is for now.

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